Southside Apiaries is a family owned and operated Apiary located at multiple farm locations in the beautiful town of Southborough Massachusetts. We provide pollination services, honey sales, honey bee swarm removal, and removal of honey bees from unwanted areas and relocate them to one of our apiaries. It is our goal to help preserve the honey bee through continued research and educating the public on how they can help.


     Swarming is the way a honey bee colony reproduces. This usually happens in the spring when colonies are rapidly growing and they need to find a larger home. When this happens it may appear as a big black cloud of buzzing bees or they could be settled in a football sized bunch on a tree branch or just about any surface. These bees are surrounding and protecting the queen while the scout bees are out searching for a suitable home to move into. At this time this cluster of bees is quite gentle but should not be approached because they still may sting. Contact your local beekeeper to remove them safely and without harming them before they settle in a less than convenient area like the siding of your house. Please DO NOT spray these bees with anything!!!!! They are extremely valuable to our environment and we should do all we can to protect them. Southside Apiaries would be happy to come to you and remove your swarm. A successfully captured swarm will reward you with a free jar of our own local honey.

     Pure honey is one of natures greatest creations. It does not require preservatives or any kind of additives. We raise our bees with as little chemical treatment as possible to keep them producing the purest grade honey they can. We pride ourselves at Southside Apiaries in providing you the customer with the highest quality products we can at a reasonable price.


     Unfortunately sometimes these creatures make their home in a location that is convenient to us humans. Fortunately we can help you, Southside Apiaries provides a professional removal service with a carpentry background and can cut these little pollinators out of your wall space or roof line with minimal damage to your home. Most of our removals come at no cost to the homeowner unless materials need to be purchased or an extreme situation exists. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you do not spray the nest or any of the bees with water or an insecticide of any kind.  Allow us the opportunity to remove them safely so we can relocate them to a more suitable home.